EMG combines global scale, local distribution knowledge, and world-class service to help investment professionals and institutions reach their investment potential.

About Us

Emerging Managers Group (EMG) is a leading distributor of offshore asset management products. We partner with leading core and specialty managers – those that are well known in their “home” markets but less so in regions around the world that serve non-US citizens, including investors in fast-growing emerging markets.

Our People

EMG’s Senior Management, Board of Managers and Regional Advisors have distinguished careers in the asset management and securities industry and are using their understanding of global investment trends and distribution relationships to position packaged products for high net worth and institutional investors through leading intermediaries.

Our Partners

EMG provides the regulatory expertise, operational know-how, and comprehensive sales and marketing support services on a variety of open and closed end funds, serving the needs of retail and HNW investors, while providing structured products, separate accounts and sub-advisory mandates for institutional investors.

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